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The Committee has started… — Northeast YMCA Camp Conference at Frost Valley YMCA Northeast YMCA Camp Conference

The Committee has started…

by Kath Davies on September 25, 2015

Earlier this week we had our first conference call with the 2016 Leadership Committee to start planning the Conference.  It’s a great group of dedicated professionals who have stepped up to the plate to volunteer their time to a great Conference.

The Sub-Chairs are in the process of reaching out to those that volunteered to be involved behind the scenes of the 2016 Conference.  If you are interested in volunteering, it’s not too late – email me, Kath Davies at kdavies@camphazenymca.org and we will get you on a Sub-Committee.  Many hands make light work.

Also, if you have any great ideas for the Conference, please shoot me an email.

Registration will be open soon, as will the Call for Speakers, so keep an eye out.

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